Millions of students will be getting their first report cards of the new school year mailed to their homes in the coming weeks.  For many this is a time of panic and dread.  Fear not kids. Today in Washington D.C. Postmaster General Micheal Heely announced new rates for non-delivery of report cards sent from schools.  ”We know that paying off the postman so Mom and Dad don’t see your grades is a time honored American tradition.  However ,with the looming budget crisis, we are forced to raise the fee to six dollars and forty cents up from four dollars.  We ask that you look at the long term benefits associated with this service.  We believe that it is still a great value.”  The Post Office has listed the steps one needs to follow if you are interested in the service on its website.  KoookaBoooka believes it is money well spent and it also helps out the economy. A win win if there ever was one!