The Mastersons of Wheaton, Illinois have learned a very good lesson — the hard way. They estimate their home was egged over 20 times on Halloween night.  Mom, Mazie, shoulders much of the blame.  ”I was surfing the net and found a great recipe for tofu treats. I figured kids would get so much candy and junk food they would not mind if I snuck in something healthy.”  Mind they did!  ”At first we thought someone was blowing off fireworks a few streets over and then I looked out the window and saw an army of ghosts, goblins, robots and one kid in an Iron Man costume throwing eggs at our house. Bill ,my husband, ran out the door and thought about chasing them away, but quickly realized he was out egged and retreated. We apologize to the kids. Obviously, we played this hand wrong.” KoookaBoooka is happy to report that the recent rains erased any evidence of the egg art on their house.  Next year the Mastersons plan to serve lots and lots of only the unhealthiest sugar candy with artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors.