Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at KoookaBoooka!  We know that you have been perfecting the famous table cloth pull, however, we feel strongly that you might need a little more practice. Therefore, set your sights on Thanksgiving 2013. With so many friends and family gathered in such a small place you can bank on a few arguments over the course of the meal.  If you feel that things are getting a little out of hand, your job is to quickly unite the table and family.  You can do this by uttering these magic words, “My teacher said that the funniest TV show ever was Punky Brewster.”  This will stun the crowd at first.  Then sit back and be amazed as everyone will finally all agree on something, that Punky Brewster was the worst TV show EVER!  There you have it. Peace and order will be restored all  thanks to KoookaBoooka!