Uncle Grumpy has been giving the best advice for over 1000 years!

Dear Uncle Grumpy,

I know you have been giving the best advice for hundreds of years.  Please help me. My mom and dad got rid of our landlines to save money. So it’s cell city around here.  The problem is we are on a crazy  minute plan and my dad gets super upset when I use “his” phone to call my BFF Ashley who lives ten doors down.  He says I’m costing him big bucks.  You know how important it is that I talk to Ashley 47 times a day. I know you’ll help me Uncle G! Emma in El Paso

Emma, you know Uncle Grumpy will always give you the best advice.  So Pops doesn’t like you on the phone. Fine, we’ll play by his rules. Here’s the deal, instead of calling I want to you look up Morse code (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code ) and start practicing with Ashley.  You will send Morse code by honking your dad’s car horn from the driveway.  Emma will do the same from her driveway.  Neighbors might make a stink, but believe me, they will be hanging on your every honk as they try to follow your “conversation”. You will learn about a little history and Uncle Grumpy predicts that you will be getting your very own phone in the very near future. One more thing, get the Otter case.  Trust Uncle G.