Santa Claus followed through on his threat issued in mid June.  As you may recall, during a heavily covered press conference, Santa Claus went public with plans to eliminate the traditional coal for all bad children in their stockings.  Santa pointed out that mining for coal brought with it numerous problems: safety, harming the environment and a substantial cost, as well.  So, what is more depressing than filthy coal in a stocking?  Losing scratch off lottery tickets, of course! Supply is not an issue. Any parking lot by a grocery store or gas station has hundreds of losing tickets littering the ground. By giving scratch off tickets to children, Santa hopes to help children in the long run.  ”We are cleaning up the environment and teaching kids a valuable lesson.  At first the children believe that there might be a winner in the bunch. Of course, there are only losers. The elves triple check to make sure. Children also learn that gambling is a losing proposition and listening to your parents and being good is a much better bet!”