KoookaBoooka wishes you a very Happy New Year! We have consulted the best psychics and have come up with these bold predictions for 2013:

1. Your mother will say, “You didn’t clean your room, you just shoved everything under your bed.”

2. You will spend a good deal of the coming year saying, “I need four AAA batteries!”

3. Your father will say these words, “That was not me, that was the dog.”

4. You will do extensive research on how to erase red pen ink.  This will come in very handy when you receive your graded book report back from your teacher.

5. Your dad will utter these words, “No way I’m paying eight dollars for a tub of popcorn.”

6. Your mom will say, “This was a big song when I was your age. You will then plug your ears for three minutes and seven seconds.

7. Your mom will declare over 100 times, “This is the slowest computer ever!”

8. You will tell your dad, “Look what you just stepped in!”

9. You will hear the phrase, “When I was your age….” over 400 times from your parents.

10. You will let the world know about KoookaBoooka by making a large sign and standing near a busy intersection for twenty hours a day. Or, you will just tell all of your friends!