Sixth grade social studies teacher Mr.Millburn of Lake West  Middle School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa loved to tell his class about his daredevil adventures.  Micheal Mathews, one of his students, explaines, “He was always telling us about how he skydives and climbs tall mountains.  The picture above was his latest conquest.  He said it took him six hours to scale the peak which he said he visited over winter break in southern Chile. When I first saw the picture I got deja-vu.  I’d never been to Chile, but something about it looked a little familiar.  Last Wednesday we were leaving my sister’s orthodontist’s office and my mom wanted to run into Starbucks and that’s when I saw it.  The new parking garage that was being built behind the mall.  I made my mom pull over and I snapped this picture.  You can see the Starbucks sign in the background if you look very closely.

When I showed my teacher the picture he looked pretty surprised.  Then he offered me 500 extra credit points if he could have the picture.  That’s when I decided to send it to KoookaBoooka!”